Why images on towels?

My name is RenĂ©e Comet and I am a commercial food photographer. I have been photographing food my whole life. You can see my advertising photos at http://www.cometphoto.com  Of course, the images I create are two dimensional, for ads, packaging, digital content, cookbooks and so on.

I wanted to create something with beautiful food that you can feel and touch. A tactile experience for your senses in a way similar to eating.

Food is the connector, the fabric of life. It brings people together. My favorite pastime is sitting around the table or being in the kitchen cooking with friends or family , telling stories.

This desire to create something tactile led me to create these tea towels for the cook. Something that looks good, feels good and works! One-hundred percent cotton, grown, made, printed, sewn, and finished in the USA.

Our Vision:

CometCloth strives to create a tea towel that is irresistible, sensuous, tactile, beautiful, and fun! One-hundred percent U.S. made 7-ounce Duck Cotton feels great, absorbs nicely, and wears well. Threads join people as food joins people. Food brings people and communities together. The product will evolve and grow with every season and with your feedback!